Pounce and climb through dozens of colorful stages!

Jump, dash, and roll your way through colorful environments as you navigate obstacles and contraptions like conveyor belts and transparent pipes. Here’s a glimpse at some of the sensational scenery you’ll see.

Friendly faces

These lovable characters will help out Mario and friends along the way.

  • Plessie

    On certain courses, Plessie will give Mario and friends a ride down rivers or sandy hills. You can steer Plessie and jump over obstacles.

  • Sprixie Princesses

    They rule the Sprixie Kingdom and have been captured by Bowser—your job is to rescue all seven of them!


You’ll need plenty of these special items to power Mario and friends through the adventure.

  • Super Mushroom

    Go from small to super with this classic power-up.

  • Fire Flower

    Throw fireballs at enemies or use to light torches.

  • Super Bell

    Gain cat-like features like scratching, climbing, and pouncing.

  • Super Leaf

    Wack foes with your tail and float for a bit to extend jumps.

  • Boomerang Flower

    Hit enemies at long range or snag objects with this boomerang.

  • Double Cherry

    Duplicate your character up to five times!

  • Mega Mushroom

    Grow to giant size for a short period, smashing through enemies and obstacles.

Say cheese!

Collect stamps to use in Snapshot Mode and make awesome photos to save in your Nintendo Switch Album!

Unlock even more fun with amiibo

Unlock power-ups, special abilities, and more with amiibo™ figures—including the adorable new Cat Mario and Cat Peach figures.

  • Cat Mario

    Become an invincible White Cat Mario.

  • Cat Peach

    Get a random power-up item.

Try out other compatible amiibo figures for different in-game surprises!

Learn more about amiibo

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